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The Sensoo quality formula

Quality = material + finishing + learning by testing

Premium materials, outstanding finishing, realistic testing and improvement where required – this is the formula for longevity. The result is a sofa that meets our quality standards and provides long-lasting joy.

1. Our material – soft shell, hard core

There are chips and mayonnaise on the sofa. This is to show how easy to care for Sensoo fabric covers are.
Durable, easy-care material

Official quality standards do indeed exist. For us, however, simply meeting them isn’t enough. If a fabric feels good and looks great, we also subject it to our own, internal quality tests. Realistic and ruthless. Realistic and ruthless. Only durable and easy-care material makes it into our range.

Unbreakable frame

The frame combines beech wood and FSC-certified, high-tech engineered wood. This combination was optimised by the sofa experts at our parent company, rom1961, and is virtually unbreakable in everyday use.

The various woods and wood materials needed to build the practically indestructible Sensoo frame.
Seat construction with individual foams and springs.
Dimensionally stable upholstery

With Sensoo, you sit and lounge on high-quality foam (density: 40 kg/m3). This provides the right feeling when seated and always returns to its original shape when you stand up. It is supported by high-quality No-Sag springs, which flex but don’t give way.

2. Our finishing

Even the best ingredients are useless if you don’t know what to do with them. A kilo of truffles doesn’t make you a star chef. Our experienced sofa experts whip up recipes that have been refined for 60 years.

A sofa expert processes a sofa seat with the necessary tools.

3. Our quality tests

We provide a 5-year guarantee. Not just for the frame, but for everything – from the upholstery to the cover. We sleep well at night. After all, before we even include our sofas in the range, we test, optimise and retest them again. Until everything works. We simulate extreme situations and are confident that we can offer a 5-year guarantee without any ifs and buts.

Our emissions class
The golden M
5 Years Guarantee