Sensoo Covers

Our cover material is durable and easy to care for. All four fabrics are also available in the same colour nuances.

And why polyester and not natural materials? Because durability = sustainability. Polyester is robust, easy to care for and can be easily recycled.


*The coloring of fabrics on screens is not always true to reality. We are therefore happy to send you fabric samples.

Diva – with velvet and glamour!

Looks and feels like a diva: Silky and soft, it plays with the light and conjures up ever-changing light and dark shades on your sofa. Silky and soft with offsetting light and dark tones.

Abrasion resistance
(50.000 Martindale)

Fade resistance

Easy to clean

Webart: Velvet

Material: 100% Polyester

Diva Naturel

Diva Camel

Diva Gold

Diva Coral

Diva Passion

Diva Chocolat

Diva Denim

Diva Forest

Diva Perle

Sensoo – Fabric Diva Anthracite

Diva Anthracite

Diva Marine

Sambia – the fabric leather is made from!

It’s all there: soft feel, scarred texture and the appearance of genuine, unbelievably soft natural leather…the only thing that’s different is the lack of typical smell and animal origin, as Sambia is a microfibre – our easy-care, vegan answer to nubuck leather!

Abrasion resistance
(50.000 Martindale)

Fade resistance

Easy to clean

Weave: microfibre

Material: 100% Polyester

Sambia Naturel

Sambia Perle

Sambia Gold

Sensoo – Sambia Passion

Sambia Passion

Sambia Chocolat

Sambia Camel

Sambia Forest

Sambia Anthracite

Sambia Marine

Rivano – radiant beauty, confident chic!

Soft to the touch, exciting to the eye: the different colours in the coarse structure make Rivano lively and full of depth – like a painting that looks a little different from every distance and every angle.

Abrasion resistance
(45.000 Martindale)

Fade resistance

Easy to clean

Weave: fine, flat chenille fabric

Material: 100% Polyester

Rivano Naturel

Rivano Perle

Rivano Gold

Sensoo – Fabric Rivano Rose

Rivano Rose

Sensoo – Fabric Rivano Passion

Rivano Passion


Rivano Denim

Rivano Forest

Rivano Chocolat

Rivano Marine

Sensoo – Stoff Rivano Anthracite

Rivano Anthracite

Rivoli – every sofa is a work of art!

Exciting texture and calm softness. Light and dark. The texture radiates in different colour tones, lively and full of depth. Just like a beautiful painting that looks slightly different depending on the distance and angle.

Abrasion resistance
(50.000 Martindale)

Fade resistance

Easy to clean

Weave: rough, flat chenille fabric

Material: 100% Polyester

Rivoli Naturel

Rivoli Perle

Rivoli Gold

Sensoo – Sambia Passion

Rivoli Rose

Sensoo – Fabric Rivoli Passion

Rivoli Passion

Rivoli Camel

Rivoli Denim

Rivoli Forest

Sensoo – Fabric Rivoli Passion

Rivoli Chocolat

Rivoli Marine

Sensoo – Fabric Rivoli Anthracite

Rivoli Anthracite

Abrasion resistance

To test the abrasion resistance, a white ‘abrasive fabric’ is mechanically rubbed over the taught cover using pressure. High abrasion resistance means that you can slide back and forth on your sofa as much as you like without the dye transferring onto your trousers or damaging the cover.

Fade resistance

While sunlight darkens our skin, it causes bleaching in textiles. High fade resistance means that the cover will retain its vibrant colour for longer and bleach more slowly when exposed to sunlight.

Easy care

We test this ourselves. Using realistic practical tests. Including problem substances such as red wine, chocolate and sandwiches given that these always land on the covered side. For us, easy care means fabrics whereby most stains can be easily removed using household products.

Cover cleaning & care

Standard interim cleaning

Simply vacuum off any dirt. The best way is to use an upholstery nozzle that comes with every hoover.

Thorough basic cleaning

If you want to tackle deeply embedded dirt to preserve the vibrant colour, you can clean the fabric every 6 weeks using upholstery foam that you’ll find in the supermarket. Observe the product instructions and test a small, inconspicuous area first to check compatibility.

Stain removal

You don’t need to panic with stains, but you should act quickly. The early bird catches the worm, particularly those which haven’t yet buried themselves deep in the earth.

We also provide detailed instructions for removing the more serious stains. The following applies for the most common mishaps:

  1. Remove dirt with a cloth and dab well – dab, do not rub!
  2. 2. Using a damp sponge and a little laundry soap or detergent (if you have it to hand, alternatively use an upholstery cleaner) wipe off using circular movements without applying too much pressure.
  3. Remove soap and dirt residues over a large area with clean water.
  4. Then you only need to let your Sensoo dry.

Carefree, comprehensive purchase

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