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The sofa with
the right approach to comfort

Comfort is the most important aspect of any sofa. Everyone experiences comfort differently – it is subjective and depends on the situation. Using our experience and creativity, we have developed a unique formula to provide ultimate comfort. The key lies in three variables which need to do just that. Sensoo makes comfort adjustable. Three times a day if you need to.

Sensoo - Fun with friends

The secret to Sensoo comfort

Perfect comfort in 4 development cycles

Test. Develop. Repeat. For 18 months. We then finally developed a comfortable sofa that is perfect for everyone, no matter the situation. Cosy1 was created together with our future customers: With the help of 8 testers, we researched various types of sofa to determine what makes them comfortable. Based on the findings, we developed a prototype for the testers to try out. had to. It took 4 cycles to concoct the comfort formula. By the end, we had 5 elements that make Sensoo comfort truly unique:

1. Smooth feature

From hard to soft in an instant

Our patented Smooth feature allows you to achieve the perfect seat hardness for each seat – from soft to hard. Simply reach under the seat and turn to achieve the desired setting.

2. Lounge feature

Comfort in every situation

The reclining backrest mechanism lets you change your seat geometry in seconds. Effortlessly set Sensoo in one of the three main positions that make a sofa so comfortable:


With the backrest reclined, your Sensoo has the optimum geometry for sitting: a small seating area and steep angle to the backrest to optimally support the spine.


Recline the backrest with a single hand movement. This gives you a larger seating area, a flatter seat angle and even a headrest. The perfect position for lounging around!


By reclining the backrest, you’ll get so much seating space that you can use it to lie out. Great for power naps or spontaneous overnight guests.

3. Lift feature

Get on eye level with your sofa

Office chairs are adjustable in height so that tall and short people can comfortably sit on them. That’s why your Sensoo has three different seat heights. After all, books are for reading and shouldn’t just live underneath your sofa.

4. Relax in our armrest

For a touch of security

Most of the flavour in a cheese is around the holes. The same applies to the corner of the sofa, provided that the armrest is high enough and as softly upholstered as a Sensoo. Thanks to its armrest, your Sensoo takes the weight off you after a long day. Thanks to her, your Sensoo takes you in its arms after a long day.



For feet, folk and popcorn

Whether you simply want to put your feet up, need an extra seat for friends or want to use it as a table: a stool adds the finishing touch to your sofa and provides even more flexibility.