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How to create the sofa that is always comfortable for everyone

Building sofas – at least here – is a combination of high-tech and solid workmanship with all its flair, sound judgement and passion. Thanks to our parent company, we are able to draw on over 60 years of experience which has allowed us to experiment safely and offer unbeatable value for money. After all, everyone at our factory in Olesnica (Poland) has been committed to manufacturing innovative sofas that offer ultimate comfort for every customer for 30 years.

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1. Cutting the materials:

The only work step that is truly high tech

Cutting wood, cold foam and fabric doesn’t involve intuition – it requires absolute precision. A CNC saw is as effects driven as the tax office and ensures perfect tailoring of all materials. It not only works with millimetre precision but also minimises any offcuts. This reduces costs, saves resources and protects the environment.

2. Frame composition:

The basis for resilience and comfort “for everyone, always”

A frame sounds like something that goes on the outside. However, here we’re talking about the core of the sofa, which is as logically designed as a skeleton: When it comes to ensuring rigidity, we fit solid beech and for the rest we use optimised, high-tech wood composite material. This keeps the weight and cost down. Our unique comfort mechanisms and steel wave springs are also incorporated into the frame design. This is where the extra weight and cost pays off: unlike upholstery webbing, the springs provide improved, longer lasting comfort.

3. Base upholstery:

The cold foam is stuck to the frame and the sofa takes shape

The upholstery is perfectly designed for its purpose of ensuring maximum comfort and longevity while optimising costs and weight. Since more stress is placed on the seating area than the backrest, we attach a foam with a high density of 40 kg/m33 (HR40). Our unique seating reinforcement also ensures that the pressure from sitting is absorbed and prevents wrinkle formation. For the backrest, we use a clever layer of HR25 and HR20 foam for ultimate comfort.

4. Embroidery:

New, easy-care, durable and perfectly fitting outfit for the sofas

Embroidering the perfect sofa cover from various fabric parts requires experience and intuition. One wrong stitch in a tricky area can cause wrinkles to form later on, which nobody wants. Not a job for robots in our opinion. Each sofa is sewed by hand and by a single individual, since each person has their own style with a sewing machine and the look should be harmonious. That’s why all of the sofa material comes from the same roll of fabric. This prevents noticeable deviations in colour.

5. Upholstering:

The units grow together

The ‘final assembly’. Now it’s time to see whether all work steps have worked perfectly, as each individual step determines whether a genuine, quality product is created at the end. That’s why even fully trained and experienced upholsterers are retrained at our internal upholstery school with internal additional training provided for upholstering our sofas.

6. Enjoy your Sensoo