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Who is Sensoo ?

We are young sofa enthusiasts and experienced sofa experts Together, we form a team of sofa nerds that absolutely love our work. We find functionality where it’s lacking, think about every detail and create perfection with love, passion and expertise. We live, breathe and think sofas.
Woman stretching on a Sensoo Sofa
Sensoo plants a tree for every Sensoo sold

How Sensoo came about ?

Building sofas – at least here – is a combination of high-tech and solid workmanship with all its flair, sound judgement and passion. Thanks to our parent company, we are able to draw on over 60 years of experience which has allowed us to experiment safely and offer unbeatable value for money.

Our contribution to sustainability

We are the children of different generations and are all concerned about the environment. That’s why we are also passionate about living up to our perfectionist, passionate mindset when it comes to sustainability. Our significance on the market and our opportunities are still small, but as soon as we grow, so too will our chances of mother nature making life easier.

Sensoo plants a tree for every Sensoo sold
A young woman sits cross-legged on a yellow Cosy1 1-seater and plays with balloons. She laughs. This should show how easy it is to adjust the comfort of Sensoo.

Why Sensoo ?
Because comfort is a matter of attitude!

1. We offer a sofa with flexible comfort settings.
2. Relax long and carefree
3. Selected without risk and delivered quickly