Always comfortable!

Thanks to adjustable comfort.

Always comfortable!

Thanks to adjustable comfort.

Always comfortable!

Thanks to adjustable comfort.

Always comfortable!

Thanks to adjustable comfort.

Always comfortable!

Thanks to adjustable comfort.

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Perfect comfort

Always comfortable for everyone thanks to 3 innovative comfort settings

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5 Years Guarantee

Genuine quality thanks to high-quality materials, 60 years of know-how and rigorous testing

Free delivery

Delivered quickly in boxes

Delivery to your living room within 15 working days in practical, plastic-free boxes.

Customizable comfort

Why a Sensoo is always and for everyone comfortable?

Because once it's set up, you can easily adapt it to you and your situation over and over again, thanks to 3 unique comfort mechanisms.

Sensoo Adjustable seat hardness
Adjustable seat hardness
Sensoo Adjustable seat position
Adjustable seating position
Sensoo Adjustable seat height
Adjustable seat height
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The personalised, modern design couch that makes your relaxation moments unique.

Sensoo Cosy1 2-zitter in Diva goudgeel

Cosy1 2- seater

Diva Gold
Sensoo Cosy1 3-zitsbank met hocker Rivoli naturel beige

Cosy1 3- seater with stool

Rivoli Naturel
Sensoo Cosy1 2-zitsbank met hocker Rivano naturel beige

Cosy1 2- seater with stool

Rivano Naturel
Sensoo Cosy1 fauteuil met hocker Rivoli passierood

Cosy1 1-seater with stool

Rivoli Passion
Sensoo Cosy1 3-zitsbank Rivano woudgroen

Cosy1 3- seater

Rivano Forest
Sensoo Cosy1 Hocker Sambia marine donkerblauw

Cosy1 stool

Sambia Marine
Sensoo Cosy1 2-zitsbank in Diva antraciet donkergrijs

Cosy2 corner sofa left

Rivano Denim
Sensoo Cosy1 3-zitsbank met hocker Sambia antraciet donkergrijs

Cosy2 2,5-seater

Diva Naturel
Sensoo Cosy1 2-zitsbank met hocker Diva goudgeel

Cosy2 large corner sofa

Rivoli Chocolat
Sensoo Cosy1 fauteuil met kruk Rivano antraciet donkergrijs

Cosy2 2-seater with stool

Rivano Camel
Sensoo Cosy1 3-zitsbank Rivano woudgroen

Cosy2 1-seater

Diva Camel
Sensoo Cosy1 Hocker Rivano roos roze

Cosy2 3-seater

Diva Gold


Lightweight, modern, colourful and full of features for best comfort. Relax.

Your rest, our goal.

We want a uniquely simple way to a sofa with the perfect comfort for every person and every situation. That’s exactly what we make possible with our unique comfort adjustments – whether you are tall, short, light or heavy, want to sit comfortably or lie relaxed. You adapt your sofa to you – after the purchase, whenever you want.

The Sensoo team of eight people sits and stands around a green sofa and laughs together.

Cosy1 in the test

“All in all, with the Cosy1 Sensoo can present a piece of upholstered furniture of masterly quality which, thanks to its quickly and simply adjustable seat parameters, can be adapted to completely different requirements – over and over again without the mechanics responsible here wearing out.”

Carefree shopping

Fast, free delivery in practical boxes

Payment on account (14 days after delivery)

30 days time for testing

Free collection if you do not like the sofa

Discover our robust & easy-care fabrics


What we mean by quality

To ensure that you get a high-quality and durable sofa, we pay attention to the best materials, careful workmanship and that both are perfectly coordinated. We test relentlessly and optimise down to the last detail.

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Comfort, quality and good looks – the ingredients for the perfect sofa!

A beautiful home cannot be paid for with money. Regardless of whether we live in a Bauhaus villa or a cosy flat in an old building, whether we live alone, as a flat-sharing community or as a family, our own home is our home, our refuge, our oasis of well-being. And right in the middle: the couch!

The heart of our home

Of all the furniture, the sofa is the central place in almost every home. The place where we can really relax. A nice, comfortable sofa, a cosy armchair and a good book or an exciting Netflix series. No modern kitchen or box spring bed can compete with that – the sofa is THE best-of our furniture! It is the most beautiful and – following the trend of big sofas! – biggest piece of furniture we buy. So it’s quite clear that our sofas and living room landscapes are so important to us.

Accordingly, we naturally also have high demands on a couch: First of all, it’s super comfortable to sit on. It has the perfect shape and is of course uniquely beautiful. Then it lasts a long time, so the quality is also right. It’s OUR couch!

Ideally, it stands there in our favourite colour, in a unique design and in the cover we love so much, is not too big and not too small. And even after years, it still looks like new. And the most important thing: everyone who sees it is completely thrilled. And also a little envious.

Buy without risk – safe and convenient to the perfect sofa

But this ideal image of a sofa is of course not in every home. When the seat is sagging, the fabric is warped and the leather has become stained, even the most beautiful room appears grey and dreary. The decision that a new sofa is needed is then quickly made. But just as quickly comes the hurdle, the big “sofa-buying pig-dog”.

And honestly, you don’t really want to do that to yourself, do you? The stress of furniture stores? Too many people, too much choice, strange ambience, full car parks. And afterwards you’re left with an Allen key and incomprehensible assembly instructions. No, no, I don’t think so.”

TBecause buying a new Sensoo sofa is neither complicated nor nerve-wracking. Lots of blah blah and nothing behind it. Because buying a new sensoo sofa is neither complicated nor nerve-wracking. It’s simple! And it’s even a lot of fun. The solution lies, of course! in covenient online purchasing. “Stop, stop!” the sofa-buying pig dog intervenes again: “I’m not buying a sofa online! I want to try out my sofa. And feel the cover. And see the colour! And I want it to be cheap!

So what? It can all be done very well online. It’s simple, effective, cheap and convenient – straight from the living room at home, so to speak. So no chance for sofa-buying pig-dogs!

Comfort is a matter of adjustment – Unique functions for the perfect fit

Living comfort at its best! That is our goal. And because we know that comfort is a very individual thing, our designers have conceived all Sensoo products in such a way that everything (really everything!) can always be changed at any time. The seat height is too high or too low? No problem, with Sensoo there are 3 adjustable heights. The seat is too hard or too soft? No problem, just turn the knob under the seat to set the optimum hardness. The head is heavy? No problem, just fold out the headrest.

And the really nice thing about the Sensoo sofas is that anyone can adjust any seat at any time. Easy as pie. That makes test sitting unnecessary. What’s more, what was considered comfortable yesterday may be different today. It’s practical when the sofa adapts to my attitude – and not I to my sofa.

Online advice and reference samples

We have designed the purchase of our sofas and armchairs to be similarly uncomplicated. We want a Sensoo sofa purchase to feel really good and work out really well. An important component of our service is the video consultation. Appointments are simply booked via our portal. We’ll be happy to take plenty of time for you and show you the many advantages of Sensoo in our showroom.

Another important component is our free cover samples: we send you a selection of your favourite covers by post free of charge. Then you can take your time to look, feel and test whether the colour and material suit you. Is the velvet DIVA really so wonderfully soft? Or would you prefer a chic woven fabric RIVOLI? The vegan leather SAMBIA in beige? Don’t worry, you’ll find the perfect cover.

The final step – The new sofa is here!

And then it goes very quickly. Size, shape, colour and cover are chosen in the shop. The new Sensoo dream sofa is ordered. You can pay conveniently online or by instalment. It’s all very simple. You don’t usually have to wait long: our delivery times are only a few days, depending on the model and design. However, some orders are made exactly to order, i.e. not an off-the-peg sofa! In this case it takes a little longer, but you will receive YOUR own configured sofa.

And because we also want to be a little different (better!) when it comes to delivery, we have based this on a number of criteria such as sustainability, convenient pack sizes and child’s play to assemble and disassemble. The result is 100% plastic-free packaging. Everything is delivered in handy cardboard boxes and fits comfortably even through narrow staircases. The assembly can be done by yourself in no time, if necessary even by yourself.

And Taraaa: Congratulations on the new Sensoo dream sofa!